New Beat selected artists

21 Nov

Dr Jooyoung Shin and the entire New Beat selection committee has posted the artist selections!

A very big thank you to all who answered the call. We received well over a hundred entries from 13 countries and the level of talent was supremely high. We congratulate the following artists (for artists from China, pls see Chinese ISS website) on being selected.

Selected Artists should have received an email from Curator Dr. Shin.
For your reference: Guidelines for photo & artwork delivery ; List of Artists / Selections (**note the close deadline for delivery of images and work)


  • Gillian LAVERY, Australia “Written, Remembered”
  • Kim KOKOSZKA, Canada “Silver Moon”
  • Guoxiang YUAN and Yidan ZHENG, HK  “X=Y+tt”
  • Upasana DIVAKAR, India   “Punched Monologue 1”
  • Shou DEGUCHI, Japan   “Bosa Bossa (Circle)”
  • Asumi HASEGAWA, Japan  “Fossils”
  • Mariko KOBAYASHI, Japan   “God of Fox”
  • Miho SUZUKI, Japan   “Vegeit”
  • Sashiko TERAMURA, Japan   untitled
  • Lillian BAKER, New Zealand  “Te aro hau”
  • Ga Young AHN, Korea   “With the Wind”
  • Sang-a SEO, Korea   “The Nature”
  • Mustafa KULA, Turkey   “Rusted Love”
  • Angela JOHNSTON, UK   Textile Composition
  • Katie JONES, UK   Exploratory Garment Pieces
  • Carly SLINGO, UK   Printed Silk Piece
  • Christine TEELING, UK   Textile sample
  • Katherine TROTMAN, UK   Textile Composition
  • Christina CONKLIN, USA  “Ancestor”
  • Harrison JOHNSTON, USA   “Functional Origami Style”

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