ISS in absentia

8 Dec

The holidays are a tricky time of year to travel for many of us.Unable to attend the ISS?Don’t worry. We listened to your interest in attending so we provided a new option so those in absentia could still enjoy the presentations and information shared during the symposium.

FRIENDS OF THE ISS is a new package option. You’ll receive 4 publications: “Animal Fibers” exhibition catalogue; “New Beat” / “Energy Nexus” /” Wearable Art” exhibition catalogue; 8ISS  Proceedings (on memory stick for weight consideration);issue of  Textiles Asia with a featured shibori article; plus printed materials like the program, etc. all in a beautiful conference tote bag. Fee: $200USD

Click here to get yours now!

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    […] registration, you will receive a beautiful welcome tote containing all important Program […]

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