The wonderful panoply of shaped-resist dyeing techniques has gone far beyond the boundaries of tradition to become one of the great innovative forces in textile art. This creative vigor has changed the way we conceive of, design, and use textiles, both as apparel and as art. The ISS is an energy nexus of this great dimensional change, a creative dynamic focusing on the vigor, elegance, and eloquence of this language of life in cloth.

8ISS logo horThe International Shibori Symposium is a platform for artists, artisans, designers, scientists, scholars, academic institutions, galleries and museums to come together and discuss traditional textile practices — preserving tradition while also promoting new developments and contemporary adaptations. First held in 1992 in Nagoya, Japan, the ISS is organized by the World Shibori Network (www.shibori.org)and has convened a total of seven times in culturally rich textile regions across the globe: Japan 1992 & 2005; India 1996; Chile 1999; UK 2002; Australia 2004; France 2008. ISS Hong Kong 2011 will be our eighth.

The World Shibori Network is proud to name the following esteemed institutions as current or previous hosts of the ISS: Institute of Textiles & Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HONG KONG; Paris American Academy, musee du quai Branly, and Universite Lumiere Lyon2, FRANCE; Tama Art University, Tokyo, JAPAN; Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, AUSTRALIA; International Knitting & Stitching Show, Harrogate, UK; Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, CHILE; National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, INDIA.


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