Energy Nexus

Energy Nexus: Interpretations in Fiber – Two & Three Dimensional

28-31 December 2011
Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
housed in a colonial historic building in the beautifully lush Hong Kong Park

Energy Nexus : wearables will be on display at the Exhibition Hall
Pao Yue-kong Library, PolyU
22 Dec – 18 Jan

No-host gathering at the elegant Lockcha Tea House
Come sit with artists and enjoy Chinese tea


The wonderful panoply of shaped-resist dyeing techniques has gone far beyond the boundaries of tradition to become one of the great innovative forces in textile art. This creative vigor has changed the way we conceive of, design, and use textiles, both as apparel and as art as the definition has evolved to include metaphorical and conceptual interpretations of dimensional transformation — from dot, line, plane, mass, volume, time, and space to physical, mental impression and memory. This international exhibition is an energy nexus of this great dimensional change, a creative dynamic focusing on the vigor, elegance, and eloquence of this language of life in cloth. These artists’ interpretations in fiber explore all types of textiles be they organic, metal, polyamide, polypropylene, or otherwise.

View images of selected works

Curators for FIBERS
Hiroko Watanabe 日本語
Ana Lisa Hedstrom

Gloria Wong
Debbie Leung

Associate Curator
Garson Guoxiang Yuan 中文

Curators for WEARABLES
Lydia Tanji
Gloria Wong
Associate Curators
Garson Guoxiang Yuan
Sam Lam
Yuki Cheng

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