New Beat

International Students Concours

05 December 2011 – 18 January 2012
Fashion Gallery, Hong Kong Poly U

Reception: 28 Dec, 11:30 @ Fashion Gallery and Courtyard, PolyU
Presentation of Awards and special Lion Dance performance

traveling to Foshan ShiJing Yi Art Museum, Feb 2012


A juried competition featuring works by international design students who demonstrate inspired creativity through material manipulation. As one of the oldest forms of technology known to human kind, textile technology (making of cloth) has a long history of invention. In this showcase, we celebrate creative problem solving propelled by curiosity – the synthesis of a ‘new beat.’

Resist dyeing, such as shibori, is a specific manner of patterning cloth via manipulation and dye. An old technique used vibrantly in traditional cloth making cultures, its versatility combined with modern technology has gained popular appeal with contemporary artists, including major fashion icons like Issey Miyake, Prada, and Proenza Schouler – as seen throughout their recent SS2011 collection. Bridging this gap between traditional and contemporary poses an interesting challenge, one that the truly imaginative and creative seize as an opportunity to travel new paths in textile’s future.

“New Beat” student competition was first formally organized in 2005 at the 6th ISS at Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan. A huge success, it was then replicated at the 7th ISS in Paris, France, and hosted by Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD). Since 1992, the ISS has continuously worked with educational institutions to promote the unbridled creativity of emerging artists. 

Curators: Dr. Jooyoung Shin
Curatorial Assistants: White Pak, Yuki Cheng

Awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Barbara Shapiro Award, N.P.O. International Textile Network Japan Award

Jury for the 1st screening: Lydia Tanji, Joanne Lau, Debbie Leung, and Jooyoung Shin
Jury for Foshan Awards: Yoshiko Wada, Ana Lisa Hedstorm, Elita Lam, Bao Hua Zhang, and Jooyoung Shin

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