Wearable Art

Draped, Shaped, Flow and Shadow

Hong Kong Design Institute

14 Dec 2011- 13 Jan 2012

This exhibition takes its  cue from innovators like Issey Miyake, whose clothing was based on a series of flat cloths that the wearer’s body supports and shapes. This comes from the notion of clothing as an extension of the skin, which stretches and contracts as the body moves. The concept of clothing “as a second skin” implies that clothing should be a good fit with a wearer’s day-to-day movements, feelings, and activities. This approach leaves room for the active participation of the wearer, who in fact actually completes the designer’s artistic vision. Using shibori to add not patterning, but texture alone, to a piece contributes to the creation of a new type of garment in which shape and function are dictated by material. The artists and designers in the exhibition share their unique investigations in this conceptual and playful approach to wearable design.

This exhibition will include / be accompanied by a small exhibition of contemporary fashion pieces by notable designers as well as qipao (Chinese traditional clothing). 


Elita Yee Nee LAM

Lydia TANJI 

Associate Curator:

Joanne LAU 

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